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Talk on a walk

Talk on a walk  to highlight the happiness without a lock Talk in the dark to brighten the sea for the ark Talk on the boardwalk  to reiterate the mute trust with a spark Talk in the moonwalk  to elucidate my passionate thought Talk in the skywalk to enlighten my little flight path  Talk in the park to enlighten my plea for the hallmark But Talk with a laugh  to lighten your ensemble heart ...

The french open

Open up for the french open in u n federer in me
Open up for the brunch open for u n chef in me

Open up for the grand opera  in u n symphony render by me
Open up for the graceful stream in u  n flood gate keys in me

Open up for the effervesence of 7up in u held by the goblet in me
Open up for the deference of lockdown and the un rivalled radiance in me

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