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Talk on a walk

Talk on a walk  to highlight the happiness without a lock Talk in the dark to brighten the sea for the ark Talk on the boardwalk  to reiterate the mute trust with a spark Talk in the moonwalk  to elucidate my passionate thought Talk in the skywalk to enlighten my little flight path  Talk in the park to enlighten my plea for the hallmark But Talk with a laugh  to lighten your ensemble heart ...

Real need

Real need is for a fabulous deed for you the intellectual lead Real need is for a credulous tread for u the gorgeous breed Real need is for a stupendous plead but never I can speed Real need is for a spontaneous cede never my greed Real need is for u my musical reed for you a melliflous read Real need is for u my passionate creed for I am a stallion steed A real lines form a real steed without a real need but a honest plead...

The french open

Open up for the french open in u n federer in me Open up for the brunch open for u n chef in me Open up for the grand opera  in u n symphony render by me Open up for the graceful stream in u  n flood gate keys in me Open up for the effervesence of 7up in u held by the goblet in me Open up for the deference of lockdown and the un rivalled radiance in me For Social milieu

A dulcet voice

A dulcet voice... Breathtaking for the dulcet voice u synthesise Groundbreaking for the tercet of national integration u symbolise Fascinating are u for the cognisant beauty u radiate Exhilarating are u for the buoyant elegancy u emancipate illuminating are u for the lustrous lux u create innovating are u for the cuprous deluxe u integrate Integrate me to the covalent infinity... for the danseuuse  you are in the fortress of sanctum Santorum for me a  pied piper to resonate to the profound depths of ur salubrious voice...

My passion

In this beautiful morning beset by the Halo of the sun I tender to the beautiful charming mindset by my credo begun My passions eyes are brighter than the sun My passions lips are igniter than the coral red ton Her compassion are mightier without a pun Her comprehension are clearer with her loved one I umpteen it, for I feel it, I  tenate it as I mean it . For Only she can take me, on this incredible ride... To the meticulous charm...


Interest is never with a thrust but only with  a trust Interest is never with a must but its with ur true gust Interest is ever deepest still the warmest Interest is ever tempest still ur pacifist Interest can  be tendered for the modest Interest can be definitely for this Honest..☺️


Home maker thou r u for the detail in home citadel  Peace maker u r for the family hearts dwell Craft maker r u for the trail in handicrafts sale Meal maker u r for the  ginger ale in cuisines mocktail Mobile maker thou r u for twiny slim template of Nokias n apple Mobile trackker r u for the whiny dial tone of simrans n Aman’s Dream maker r u for the multitude of thoughts in me Life maker u r through the transcripts of vibes transcribed in me Lines to air for the home maker   Penned by  A coffee maker😌Yearning to become a News maker