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Talk on a walk

Talk on a walk  to highlight the happiness without a lock Talk in the dark to brighten the sea for the ark
Talk on the boardwalk  to reiterate the mute trust with a spark Talk in the moonwalk  to elucidate my passionate thought
Talk in the skywalk to enlighten my little flight path  Talk in the park to enlighten my plea for the hallmark
But Talk with a laugh  to lighten your ensemble heart ...

Your Glance

Your glance a suffice for me to suffix u
Your stance a spice for me to prefix  u

Your suspense a puzzle  for me to solve u
Your presence a  rustle for me to decode u

Your  hobbies a creativity for me to cultivate u 
Your stories a precious collection for me to advocate u

Your romance a slice for me to guzzle with u
Your dance a splice for me to conjoin u

Your france a Space for me to nuzzle with u
Your trance a Struggle for me to impress u 

An afternoon glance made me trance... 
So yearning for the moonlight for a perfect gorgeous glance 😌

A meeting with a slender pen

I met a twiny slender pen her hands so wonder n stance eloquent The nib so subtle but sleek If held by woman flows musically sweet if held by a man expresses neat if held by a soldier  breathes courage n diction if held by me breeds passion

An act of foaling

An Act of  Foaling
I am a happy foal with a spirited goal :

I emerge by my Mare’s womb propelled in her pristine canal
I arrive by a fight to breathe aplomb marvelled against the clock banal

I breathe 60 to 80 respiring  at a credulous rate anticipation builds
My heart beats 80 to 100 pulsating its sedulous pace bracing for the thrill

Just the feel of touch from my Mare has me pacifying for my goal
For the heat in me equilibrates from 37 to 39 celsius

I breathe and carry my oxygen to activate my first Reflexes for a thirsty guzzle
As the membrane in me blushing in pink CRT as fit as a fiddle from my Muzzle

I adapt to sternal recumbency in 5 mins to nuzzle and cuddle at my dam’s presence
As I adopt to this new world by genes inherit from my sire

Here comes my dutiful Vet with a spark in his eyes to disembark my umblicus
I evince with pleasant pain in gratitude Raise my head  to Romp to freedom

I Extend my forelimbs to measure my stride
I blink to wink at my pretty Mare with a whine She basking in her…

Real need

Real need is for a fabulous deed for you the intellectual lead
Real need is for a credulous tread for u the gorgeous breed

Real need is for a stupendous plead but never I can speed
Real need is for a spontaneous cede never my greed

Real need is for u my musical reed for you a melliflous read
Real need is for u my passionate creed for I am a stallion steed

A real lines form a real steed without a real need but a honest plead...

The french open

Open up for the french open in u n federer in me
Open up for the brunch open for u n chef in me

Open up for the grand opera  in u n symphony render by me
Open up for the graceful stream in u  n flood gate keys in me

Open up for the effervesence of 7up in u held by the goblet in me
Open up for the deference of lockdown and the un rivalled radiance in me

Social milieu

A dulcet voice

A dulcet voice...

Breathtaking for the dulcet voice u synthesise
Groundbreaking for the tercet of national integration u symbolise

Fascinating are u for the cognisant beauty u radiate
Exhilarating are u for the buoyant elegancy u emancipate

illuminating are u for the lustrous lux u create
innovating are u for the cuprous deluxe u integrate

Integrate me to the covalent infinity... for the danseuuse  you are in the fortress of sanctum Santorum for me a  pied piper to resonate to the profound depths of ur salubrious voice...